Welcome and A Free Give-Away!

Welcome, welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here!

So…. what do you think??  Don’t you love this pretty new space!  Please click around and take a look.  I want you to feel at home here just as much as I do.

I am so excited to finally reveal this to you all.  This project has been in the works for months and I am so glad the wait is over.  I have to smile as I think about how the Lord brought this all about.

For a while I had wanted to update and refresh the look of my blog, but the tech world is just not my field so I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to make this happen and how to do it cost-effectively.

After racking my brain and asking God to somehow bring this about, He graciously answered my prayers by placing some special friends along my path to make this happen.  I have to say, He did this through them… It was a gift to me, but it’s for you as well, and is ultimately for His own glory because He is so faithful to answer our prayers.  All honor goes to Him!

My first win was finding Angiemakes.com.  She creates pretty feminine WordPress themes, clip art and all kinds of graphics.  This pretty theme was my favorite and she is actually giving it away for FREE!  What a sweet provision from the Lord!  Thank you, Angie Makes!

Don’t you love my pretty cursive font?  I can’t tell you how much time I spent trying to find the perfect font for free.  After hours of searching the web and not seeing what I wanted, I made the transition to actually purchase one.  This was my favorite and wouldn’t you know the Lord had it ON SALE for me??  He takes care of us down to the smallest details!

I also knew I wanted some nice professional photos, so I asked my very talented friend Jenna Kenyon if she would take some pics of me.  She did such a great job.  Jenna, I can’t thank you enough.

Lastly, this blog truly would not exist without my friend Frances Lancaster.  With a true servant’s heart, she offered her computer programming skills to basically create all of what you see here.  I’m sure the millions of emails I sent with all sorts of requests were just a tiny bit annoying, but she stuck it out with me.  She patiently adjusted and maneuvered even the tiniest of details that I requested.  Thank you so, so much, Frances!!  You deserve an award!

And, alas for the free give-away!!

Backgrounds for Subscribing courtneylmoore.com

I would love, love, love for you to subscribe to my blog and receive my blog posts by email.  I give you my word that I will not crowd your inbox.  Subscribing is just a way for you to not miss anything going on here.  You can either subscribe over in the sidebar to the right, or in the footer below.

Plus, as a thank you, I’ll give you these 8 beautiful water-color images, each with a favorite verse of mine on it.  You can use these as a desktop image or as a Facebook cover photo.  Maybe you can even print them out.

If you were a subscriber on the old site, no need to re-subscribe.  Just check your inbox for your gift.

Thanks again for being here and sharing in what the Lord has done!


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4 thoughts on “Welcome and A Free Give-Away!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by, Angie! You just made my day 🙂 Thanks again for this beautiful theme!

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