Scripture Memorization in 2015

Happy New Year!

Today starts a brand new year…. 365 days that God gave us to look to Him for our joy and to find fresh hope daily from His Word.  If you’ve been a believer in Christ for very long, no doubt you’ve read the Bible some and found this book to be the main source of spiritual growth and encouragement for your soul to keep walking by faith.

I love the Bible!  There is undeniably no other book like it on earth.  It truly is alive and active.  By the power of the Holy Spirit it penetrates deep into our hearts, ultimately able to change/enhance/transform what makes you, you.  And if you know it’s author, Jesus Christ, He will use the Bible to bring LIFE into your heart, even on the most dull and dreary days of your soul.

Psalm 119:103

So, obviously reading the Bible is vital to your Christian life.  But memorizing Scripture is also pretty important.  It’s a practice that is easily overlooked and forgotten because it takes so much intentionality.  It takes real discipline to rehearse truth over and over in your mind until you can say it from heart.  But God can bring to mind those memorized verses, or even parts of verses at just the right moment in our lives when we really need some help from Him.

With all that being said, I want to pass along some practical and fun Scripture memorization help.  A friend of mine recommended Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team on Facebook, and after taking a look at it, I am excited to join in!  You can read all it about for yourself, but you basically learn 24 verses over 12 months.  Every 1st and 15th of the month, you log into her blog and post the verse you plan to memorize in the Comments section.  I need this accountability and I’m sure just seeing hundreds of other women’s verses will be so encouraging.

Siesta Scripture Memory Team

So, who wants to join in??  What will your first verse of 2015 be??

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6 thoughts on “Scripture Memorization in 2015

  1. I’m joining too! This will be my third year! Don’t miss the siesta celebration next January, it’s so much fun!!

  2. Julie, that’s great! Somehow I am just now hearing of this. I am glad you are doing it, too! That’ll give me added accountability… I’m notorious for starting with good intentions, then not following through =( Praying this year will be different!

  3. I have learned scripture verses over the years but never in a systemic way but I am beginning to do that faithfully this year of 2015! Thanks for challenge!

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