Really Believing It

Last weekend I went with a group of women to Lifeway’s dotMOM conference in Nashville.  I’ve been to many Christian conferences over the years, but this was the first I’ve attended specifically designed for mamas.  And oh my goodness, we had a blast!  No hubbies or kids and lots of Bible and laughter!  Just what my soul needed.

7f3052ed-4b87-4086-8a05-44efa0f80612[1]There were really great speakers for each general session.  My faves were Angie SmithJennie Allen, and Steve and Debbie Wilson.   And of course, the worship time was just amazing.  The Cartee’s are husband and wife and did an awesome job leading us straight to the throne room of God.

Besides the main gatherings, we were able to attend break-out sessions.  There were so many choices!  I enjoyed learning about time management from Jessica Turner, who has a new book out on the subject called The Fringe Hours.  Her session was extremely practical.  Then I heard Trillia Newbell infuse us with hope from the strong truths of Scripture that help believers rejoice even in sorrow.  Profound!  And lastly, Angela Cottrell gave an excellent talk on how to practically and creatively teach your children the Scriptures.  She was one of my favorites of the entire weekend. 

The Cartee's

I feel so blessed by the Lord to have had the opportunity to sit under truth-filled teaching all weekend.  Each contributor provided some bit of encouragement that my soul needed.  Each had their specific niche that made their talk valuable.

Although I did come away with some specific take-away points from each session, I have to say that throughout the weekend,  God was weaving in me a bigger picture.  It seemed that no matter which session I went to, I kept thinking the same thing:  “These people are really believing it.” 

Maybe it’s just me, but  I’m around a lot of Christians.  And a lot of Christian things.  And Christian talk.  And Christian ministry.  And on and on and on.  Sometimes in the midst of all of that, somehow, it’s easy to lose sight of Jesus.

Talking about walking by faith becomes the norm instead of actually walking by it. 

Teaching others the importance of prayer becomes routine, while the actual praying vanishes. 

If I’m not on top of actually sitting down to read my Bible, before you know it, I’m totally living in the flesh instead of the Spirit.  Then a disappointment happens or a trial comes, and I find myself whining and cultivating bitterness in my heart instead of clinging to God with every ounce of me, believing and watching for Him to make His name great in the situation.

dots final

That’s why dotMOM was so impactful for me this weekend.  These people were really believing it.  They just seemed so real.  And their genuine faith was what the Holy Spirit used to lift the spiritual fog that had left my vision cloudy.  I was reminded that Yes!  Knowing Jesus and actually following Him is THE adventure of a lifetime!  And I’m so thankful that God has me in it!

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2 thoughts on “Really Believing It

  1. So thankful for your time away at the dotMom conference and for sharing it with us! you are a blessing to me and many others.

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