James 4:8 – A Promise To Fuel Your Faith

I love God’s Word.  It’s full of promises straight from His heart to us.  The promises in the Bible are some of the most precious pieces of Scripture because God is faithful to make them come true.  Here is a promise for you to believe today: James 4:8.

james 4.8

What does it look like to draw near to God?  Drawing near to God involves two things:

  1. My Heart.  Am I hungry to be near God?  Am I becoming more interested in the Bible?  Am I desiring to be filled up by the One who can satisfy me?  Do I miss that close relationship I once had with my heavenly Father?
  2. My Time.  Am I seeking God in the time He has given me?  Am I rearranging my schedule to meet with Him?

You may be like me and think to yourself that your day is already packed.  When can you possibly meet with God?  I ask myself this question and my mind immediately goes to the time that I spend (ok, waste) on Pinterest, TV, Facebook, and yes, sleeping later than I should.

But here is the HOPEGod promises to show up when we choose to put those things aside and grab our Bible.  This fills me with courage and gives me faith to turn off the television and get busy seeking God.  What is He planning to show me from His Word that will speak specifically to my heart?  If I don’t seek Him, I’ll miss it!

Maybe you realize that you are far away from God or that you’ve never been close to Him.  There is so much hope for you!

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.” (NKJV)

You might be far away, but Jesus can bring you to the Father.  He wants to!  Your sin is what keeps you from being close to God.  Jesus took your sin upon Himself when He died on the cross and then came back to life three days later.  If you turn from your own way and trust in Jesus’ cross and resurrection, He will bring you close to God.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

How will you intentionally seek God this week?  Which is more difficult for you to devote to God- your heart or your time?  This week’s challenge is to memorize James 4:8 and begin asking God to draw near to you as you draw near to Him.



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2 thoughts on “James 4:8 – A Promise To Fuel Your Faith

  1. Thanks for reminding me that God is always near even in a time of death in the family. He is our Great Comforter and I enjoyed my devotion with you this morning. May God Bless.
    Jean Wilks

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