How I Overcame Cynicism as a Pastor’s Wife

Disney Land is popular for a reason.  We love the idea that fairy tales come true and that happily-ever-after really does exist.

But we all know the Disney experience is fantasy.

Characters who sign autograph books and gleefully pose for photos all day eventually go behind closed doors to clock out, take off their masks, and drive home. As parents we shield our children from this reality. We want them to maintain their childlike innocence as long as possible before they realize the unpleasant facts: Snow White’s name is really Cindy, she lives three miles away in an apartment, and has never experienced a poisoned-apple-induced coma.

I began life as a pastor’s wife with an idealistic approach very similar to the optimism found at Disney Land. Though I expected a few bumps along the way, I believed serving God with my husband would be amazing. I never imagined how it would devastate me.

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