Hope for this Tired Body

This week has been fall break here, which for me means I pretty much had very little break.  Instead of Jude taking part in his normal 2-day-a-week preschool schedule, we got to spend all 5 days together, along with Luke, while the hubs worked.  It’s been busy, to say the least.

Today, as I sat down for lunch and both kids were occupied, I opened up to Philippians to catch my breath and refuel my soul a bit.  As I made my way to chapter 3, I lingered a minute longer on the last verse, which says:

“[Christ], who will transform the body of our humble state into conformity with the body of His glory, by the exertion of the power that He has even to subject all things to Himself.”

I’ve read Philippians 3 plenty of times, but never really noticed this verse.  And today, it was just what my tired body needed to hear.

The body of our humble state…. I am feeling every bit of the humble state of my body this Friday.  After carrying around a 22 pound 7-month-old baby and bending over to pick up an endless number of toys, my back knows its state of humility.  Not to mention this wrist that I am so thankful to use to push Jude in the swing today, but boy, rheumatoid arthritis makes it a little painful.



But He says He will transform this humble body.  When we see Jesus face to face one day, our body will be made like His, in all its glory.  No more aches, no more pain, no more physical suffering.  And no more sin, either.  Just perfection, like His.

How will Jesus do this?  By exerting His amazing power, that’s how.  Exerting- that’s active, shows movement, effort.  God isn’t just sitting around doing nothing now, and He won’t be on that day, either.  He will be active for us.  For you and me, if we believe in Christ, He will exert His power to transform our bodies to be just like His.  Amazing.

How much power does He have?  All of it.  He is the Creator of all power.  He is omnipotent.  He has enough power to be able to subject ALL things to Himself.  That’s a lot of power.   It’s power tempered with love and wisdom, though.  That’s His character.

So, as you are wrapping up your Friday, maybe you’re tired like me.  I hope, though, your perspective now will be a bit more hope-filled.  I know that as I lift my darling baby or bend over to pick up another toy today, I will do it with a little smile in my heart.  Because I know what is to come.  This tired body won’t be this way forever.  This wrist that aches won’t always ache.  Nope.  I have a Savior who not only takes pleasure in transforming my soul, but who also will delight in making my body perfect like His.  One day.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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