Hearing the Savior’s Whisper at She Speaks 2016

Hearing the Savior's Whisper at She Speaks 2016   courtneylmoore.com

Have you ever heard the whisper of God?

I mean that soft, still voice deep within your soul that is unquestionably not your own.

It sounds quiet and tender and loving… so loving that it can come from none other than Love Himself.

It reaches so deep, so inward, so precise that it separates joints and marrow.

I most recently heard this beautiful, silent sound in a noisy room of 800 women at Lysa TerKeurst’s She Speaks Conference.

You see, the silent whisper of the Savior is louder than the noisy shouts of men.  


courtneylmoore.com || The Silent whisper of the Savior is louder than the noisy shouts of men.
Over the span of the 2 day conference, I heard 1 theme, spoken in 4 specific ways.  I pray you’ll hear Him even now as you read my experience.

“I’m leading you into friendship and encouragement.
Take the next step.”  

It would be an understatement to say I arrived at the conference nervous.  I knew zero of the 800 women attending, yet the calm of His whisper was present even as I entered. I’m leading you to friendship and encouragement.  Take the next step.  Trust Me.  

So I did.

I spoke to women despite feeling insecure, despite fearing their writing or speaking skills surpassed mine.  I trusted the Lord and offered myself as a friend.  And the Father richly rewarded.

In His kindness, He led me to many wonderful women who each carried some special treasure within them.

I was humbled that both Marla and Billie felt safe enough to share their stories with me. Then I was amazed at the similarities, and how God placed each of us at Table 28.

Kristen and I connected over motherhood and leaving a legacy.  She introduced me to Kelly, who proved instrumental in helping me meet a Publisher.

Ashley and I were the last two in line for coffee, and couldn’t believe we shared a city, mutual friends and a plane ride home.
Hearing the Savior's Whisper at She Speaks 2016
Hearing God's Whisper at She Speaks || Courtneylmoore.com

I marvel at God’s sovereignty, that among hundreds of ladies, He joined the paths of specific women for specific purposes.

 His quiet voice led the way.  I’m so thankful I followed.

“I’m leading you into courage & action.
Take the next step.”

I had no intention of requesting an appointment with a Publisher.  My fear was too great.  What would I say?  What book proposal would I present?  

These questions hounded me, but even under their weight, opportunity’s pull overpowered me. That familiar inward call whispered again:  I’m leading you toward courage and action.  Take the next step.

Amazingly, I did.One Sheet for She Speaks 2016 || courtneylmoore.com

After being placed on a wait-list, I prepared.  I finished my one sheet at 3am. Though staying up late would not make sense to many, it was my next step, and the Lord gave me insight and peace.  Then His joy was my strength the following day!

The 15 minutes I spent with the representative from Leafwood Publishers didn’t end with a book deal, but I walked out victorious.  I followed my Savior’s whisper right into courage and action.  Fear’s strong hold lost its power.

“I’m leading you into powerful, liberating truth.Wendy Blight || courtneylmoore.com
Take the next step.”

I was exhausted as I walked into Wendy Blight‘s afternoon workshop, The Empowered Servant, but as she shared her story of motherhood, I was fixated.  I wept with her as she confessed the mean things she’d said decades ago to her young daughter in anger.

But God had redeemed all that.  Faith, prayer and the power of “IT IS WRITTEN” (see Matthew 4:1-11) had transformed her heart and led her into freedom.

Her message resonated within me.  In fact, her message had been a recurring theme in my life over the last year.

Jesus’ whisper sweetly repeated, Yes, this is for you.  Take the next step into freedom.  I began to believe His power would be enough for me.  Freedom from the bondage of lies was just around the corner.

Now that I’m home from the conference, my next steps are to find my own “IT IS WRITTEN” verses.  He led me to Wendy’s workshop, and then the song we sang in worship afterwards sealed those powerful truths in my heart.

Click the image below to hear No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music.

No Longer Slaves || Bethel Music

“I’m leading you to Myself.
Take the next step.”

If there was one thing that truly impacted me at She Speaks 2016, it was the tender call of Jesus to Himself, to come close to His side and stay still in His presence.  With Him is life and beauty and fruit.

The vision I now have of what my ministry could be is one in which I’m sitting next to Him, filled and fueled by His love.  That’s exactly the kind of ministry I desire – one that is authentic, genuine and honest because it’s created from a place of rest in Him.

Thank you, Jesus my Savior, for your silent whispers at She Speaks 2016 that proved louder than the noisy shouts of many women.  There is none like You.

The Sheep follow Him for they know His voice. courtneylmoore.com

And I pray that as you’ve read my experience with the Savior, you’ve begun to hear and recognize that voice of love as well.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  Seek the Lord while He may be found.  Call upon Him while He is near.  The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help.  He rescues them from all their troubles.  Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed, for they will be filled.
(James 4:8, Isaiah 55:6, Psalm 34:17, Matthew 5:6).

Blessings to you as you seek Him.  Scroll down to see other She Speak attenders’ take-aways!

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5 thoughts on “Hearing the Savior’s Whisper at She Speaks 2016

  1. Beautiful post Courtney! I’ve said it before, the Lord placing you and I at the same table last year in MOMs was all His plan. Out of all the tables, He put two writers, you and I, together. Faithfully, every month you showed back up. So, I can relate to the people He put at your table and your path at She Speaks. You will forever be my writer sister in Christ. Much love to you and I am so proud of your obedient heart. No book deal, but you are His deal, big deal. Amazon one sheet created in one night. Keep on rocking it, rocking it for Jesus. Hugs

    1. Sweet Ashley, I am thankful for you. Thankful for your tenacity to go after it and see it through. Thankful the Lord did place us at that table last year. Thankful you are in my life!

  2. “You see, the silent whisper of the Savior is louder than the noisy shouts of men.” This. I love this! And I also love the encouragement you shared in Gods faithfulness to bring you the treasure of friendship <3

  3. Beautiful post! So glad to see the Lord’s moving in your life. I know he has great things in store! I, too, was at the conference by myself…scary,huh? But, we did it!

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