Free Easter Resurrection Eggs Devotional Guide

Hi there. If you’re like me, you’re a last minute planner for holiday kid ideas. I did the same thing for Valentine’s Day last year. But even last minute, God can still use us to teach our children the truth of who He is, and there’s no time more important than Easter to do it.

I searched online for ideas and found this page, but the quality of the image I printed was a little poor, so I just adapted their idea and made it my own.

I’d love for you to use this for Easter if it’d be helpful for your family. Just click on the image below, which will lead you to a PDF to print out. I used cardstock, which holds up better for little hands.

Once you print, you’ll need to cut out the 10 circles, place them in eggs and then number your eggs. We’ve been doing our Easter devotions at dinner, but if you’re just starting on Good Friday, you might do several over the weekend, leading up to numbers 9 and 10 for Easter Sunday.

Many blessings, dear readers, as you celebrate Jesus this weekend, the only one who really did live and die, and then live again, all for the sake of the Father’s glory and our own freedom from sin! Praise His name!

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