Finding Peace in the Frenzy (While Luke Turns One)

It seems impossible that our little Luke turned a year old this month.  Didn’t I just write a post about how the Lord was preparing me and calming my fears about having him?

Luke has become such a treasure and precious addition to our family.  Overall, he has been such a calm, content little guy who loves to be cuddled and kissed.  One of his favorite things is to laugh and play with his big brother, too.


So, of course, we had to celebrate this fella’s first birthday with a party!  I have so much fun planning for my kids’ birthdays (here’s Jude’s 3rd), but I know it can be a source of interest in the mommy-world.  I think some moms feel it’s necessary to try and outdo one another in how elaborate their kids’ parties are, but for me, I genuinely love planning and celebrating my children’s lives with a party.  I don’t know if I’ll always be this excited about it, but while they’re little, it’s a joy of mine.

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This year, it just turned out that I had several other obligations around the same time as Luke’s birthday, which became a real threat to my joy and peace of mind.  I had lots of sewing projects for Luke, as well as other preparations for the party.  On top of that, I had some responsibilities with my M.O.P.S. group, and was committed to hosting some friends and family in my home.  To add to the mix, a stomach bug hit our household, which truly did put a damper on the festivities!

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You know the saying, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  That has been my month, and I don’t just mean with the weather.  I found myself overwhelmed as I looked at my to-do list.  I became anxious as deadlines approached, and was even pretty critical of others when they didn’t finish tasks when/how I thought they should.  Have you been there?  So, in the midst of wanting to celebrate Luke from a full heart, I arrived at his birthday frazzled.

That’s when Philippians 4:6-7 became a life saver.

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I began to pray through various aspects of these verses, first telling God my anxieties.  God, I’m anxious about this.  I’m anxious about that.  It felt so good to just tell Him those things, believing that He was listening, caring about me, & glad that I had come to Him to find peace.

Next, following verse 6, I began to thank Him, naming things that I’m thankful He’s brought into my life.  Father, thank you that You have given us Luke and that we can celebrate him.  Thank you for my family who is here to celebrate with us.  Thank you that You have given me the ability to sew and to clean and to accomplish tasks.  Thank you for my husband who is willing to step up and help.  

Then, as I continued to look at verse 6, I began to ask God my requests.  Father, help me trust you and not worry.  Help me finish tasks.  Help me to be gracious in the process.  I love that He listens, is ready to grant requests and is willing to give peace.

It’s amazing that when you begin casting your worries on Him, that weight lifts.  Trust in Him replaces the feeling of burden.  Peace that can be found no where else becomes yours.  Is there any other God like Him, who offers real refreshment to your soul?  I think not!  I hope the next time frenzy sneaks up on you, you will look to Him and find the peace that passes understanding.


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2 thoughts on “Finding Peace in the Frenzy (While Luke Turns One)

    1. You know what, Lorin, sometimes I do too, and when I read Phil. 4:6-7, I’m always surprised again that it mentions thankfulness. Somehow thinking about what you do have in the midst of being anxious about what is to come is a good reminder of how faithful God has been to you & that He won’t change, that He has you. All of those things I’m thankful for point to that fact & help me trust Him. He is so wise in giving us a sure prescription for anxiety and finding peace! I certainly could not have come up with it! Lots of love you, Lorin!

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