Celebrating Jude’s Life with an Outer Space Party

Celebrating Jude's Life with an Outer Space Party || courtneylmoore.com

Birthdays.  We love them in our family.  With so much darkness, suffering and death in the world, I love the chance to celebrate life, especially of the ones I love the most. Because I’ve mentioned before on my blog how I enjoy hosting parties for my hubby and children, I thought I’d share a few pics from Jude’s birthday this year.

Space Solar Panel & Astronaut Helmet || courtneylmoore.com

During the K4 school year, Jude was fascinated with learning about the solar system.  His teacher spent about two weeks teaching this unit, and my guy was like a sponge.  Here he is in the astronaut helmet and solar panel they made at school. So cute.

Not surprisingly, when asked what kind of party he’d like this year, outer space made the top of the list.  Below is the invitation, which I made myself on picmonkey.com with ideas, of course, from Pinterest.

You’re welcome to check out my Pinterest board if you’re thinking about planning something similar.

Outer Space Party Invitation || courtneylmoore.com

Planet Brownies || courtneylmoore.com

Before the actual party, he celebrated with all his classmates at school.  Here are the planet brownies we made for the occasion.  (Yes, the powdered sugar went a little crazy.)

To create the planet inserts, I printed and cut out the planets from my home printer, then taped them on Hobby Lobby black cupcake toppers.  Super Easy.  Since all the kids had been studying the solar system, they all tried to guess which planet they had.  Some even made requests for their favorite planet.

Jude and his buddies had a blast at his actual party.  Here’s my guy gathering up 2 of the rockets that go with the Ultra Stomp Rocket.  The kids absolutely loved this thing!  The rockets shoot so high.  I found his shirt here, and don’t you love those yellow minion socks?!  His choice, of course.  😉

My 5 Year Old! || courtneylmoore.com

Ultra Rocket Stomper || courtneylmoore.com

Ultra Stomp Rocket || courtneylmoore.com

My mom did an awesome job on the cake, just like she does every year for both of my boys. She knocked it out of the park with this solar system.

Solar System Cake || courtneylmoore.com

She also made these delicious and beautiful cookies.  We served them at the party and also gave them as party favors.  So yummy and fun.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the stars are actually sparkly.  My mom is the best!

Solar System Party Cookies || courtneylmoore.com

Look at this cutie with her half eaten moon =)

Cutie with a Moon Cookie || courtneylmoore.com

My mother-in-law and I made star candies and used these containers as centerpieces. I bought the star molds and yellow white-chocolate at Hobby Lobby.

Star Candy Sticks as Centerpieces || courtneylmoore.com

We were at the beach on Jude’s actual birthday, so I took some of the party decorations with us and surprised him on the morning of his birthday by having them hanging when he woke up.

I had a lot of fun making this banner and the sparkly stars.  I bought the sparkly paper at Hobby Lobby, cut out the stars with a die-cut and stitched them together on my sewing machine.  (A hack from Etsy, by the way.)  The rest of the materials for the banner came from both Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Happy Birthday, Jude! || courtneylmoore.com

Here’s Luke having some breakfast beneath the planets.

Planets and Luke || courtneylmoore.com

We decided to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes down by the pool, and why not stop at Lambert’s for lunch on the way home?

Birthday Boy || courtneylmoore.com

And since I did birth this child 5 years ago, I felt it necessary to include a picture of the two of us on this post.  This is the most recent one I could find. =)

Jude and Mommy || courtneylmoore.com

To close, I just want to say how thankful I am for both Jude and Luke.  Hosting parties, making decorations and enjoying beautiful cookies are so much fun, but mainly, my heart just rejoices with life itself.

I have 2 darling, living, breathing boys that God created in wisdom and love.  He made them.  He brought them to life.  He filled their lungs with air, caused their hearts to beat and put unique passions and interests within them.  They are little people made in His image, for whose lives He has a good and wise plan.

I shake my head in amazement and awe that He has gifted me to mother them.  I know on my own, I am completely inadequate to guide, train, teach and love these fellas, but I press into Jesus every single day to accomplish these things in the strength He supplies (1 Peter 4:11). I pray I will be a good steward of these lives He’s created and faithfully point them to know this gracious God who gives real life.

Thank you, Father, for your grace.  You love us well.  You sustain our lives .  You equip us for the task of raising little people to one day become men.  May my boys be arrows that shoot straight into this culture, offering life, love and goodness in your name.  Amen, Lord Jesus.

Psalm 127:3-5 || courtneylmoore.com

Photo by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Museum

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