Celebrating Jude

All weekend long our family has been celebrating Jude.  Today our guy turned 3 years old.

he's the cutest

We kicked off the weekend with a Bob the Builder birthday party for him at a park here in town.  Jude invited lots of friends to come help us celebrate.  My mother-in-law had given me some leftover Bob the Builder fabric that she bought for another grandson several years ago.  We used that as a table runner over light blue plastic table cloths & served the food on bright orange plates. WP_20140524_007

Jude’s friends all received a hardhat with their own initial on it as a party favor, as well as Bob the Builder bubbles and a blow horn.

HPIM2924      HPIM2922

After eating hot dogs that Brent grilled and some amazing pork that my father-in-law stayed up all night smoking (thanks, Grandpa!), the kids enjoyed the playground for a while.  Later, we all sang happy birthday to Jude, and he blew out his candles!


I was so glad that my mom and brother came up for the weekend from Alabama to be a part of all the festivities!  She actually made Jude’s cakes.  Yes, I said cakes, as in 2 of them.  She did an amazing job on this Bob the Builder cake, but we weren’t sure it would be enough for all the kids and adults, so she made a second one and used the leftover icing for it.  I think they both turned out pretty cute!



Here are a few more pictures from the party!


Somehow we never managed to take a family shot with everyone all together, but here’s my mom and I with sweet baby Luke, who is 2 months old now.

After going to church on Sunday and getting some rest that afternoon, my Aunt Fran & Uncle Charlie came for a visit on Monday.  Aunt Fran is the sweetest thing and enjoyed seeing both the boys!

Jude loves this baby swing at our house, I think because he can relax and not have to worry about falling out. Usually when he’s in it, he’s constantly saying, “I wanna go weally, weally high!”  But Uncle Charlie did such a good job pushing him in it, he just fell right to sleep.

Today, on his actual birthday, Jude had lots of fun at home, like playing with play dough… and then shooting it out like a canon onto the kitchen floor!  If you notice the wet spot on his left shoulder and hair, that’s where I had to wash off Daddy’s shaving cream that he smeared all over himself and the bathroom wall while Granna (my mom) and I weren’t looking!

He also had a great time making a tunnel to crawl through with the couch cushions.


He really enjoyed this new gift that Granna gave him for his birthday.  It’s a Melissa & Doug puzzle that teaches how to spell.  Our guy loves the alphabet and all the sounds the letters make, so this present was just perfect for him.


Jude finished off his birthday by spending some time with his grandparents and then watching some Veggie Tales.

Sweet Jude, you are our treasure!  We thank God that he gave us you 3 years ago.  You are a precious little guy who is energetic, creative, and active.  You love to sing, to dance, to learn, to run, to play, to read books, and to take bubble baths.  You love people and cookies & cake and skittles.  And you don’t really love crafts!

You are an awesome big brother to Luke and a great helper to Mommy.  You love to work hard, like Daddy does and fix things with your tools, just like Daddy.

We are so thankful for and love how God has made you uniquely designed for Him.  And we are so proud of how you are learning to grow in obedience everyday and in making wise choices.  It is amazing to watch you learn more about our sweet God every day through songs that we sing like “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” & “Trust and Obey” or through the Scripture verses that you are learning with Mommy.

Your little heart is learning to lean on Him as you learn to pray sweet prayers like, “Thank you, God, for Nonna & Granna & Mommy.  Amen.”  Your heart is also seen when you say sweet things like you did tonight at bedtime, “I wuv you, Mommy.  God wuvs you.”

I thank God for you, my darling, and your daddy and I pray that you will continue to grow just like Jesus- in wisdom and stature, in favor with both God and man.

Happy birthday, Jude!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful email; my heart has been blessed in this early morning. The pictures were so good and I enjoyed seeing you all; it was like a good visit. May God Continue to Bless you and your family. Much love to you all.

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