A Pivot Foot – Not Just for Basketball Players

May 2009. Diplomas so fresh, they were still in envelopes. Grins that couldn’t be wider. And of course, a proud picture with Southern Seminary president, Dr. Albert Mohler.

It’s amazing how much my husband and I learned in seminary and how much we thought we knew when we left there. Then we entered real churches with real people & problems, and suddenly we gained an education that could never be taught in a classroom.

I’d be so honored if you’d read one of the major lessons God has taught me since graduating. Click over to Baptist Press, where I’m featured in their First Person column today. Please share on social media if you feel so inclined, and I truly pray the Lord uses this article for His good purposes in your life.

Click here to read my article on Baptist Press.

Photo Cred: Christian Södergren

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