A Personal Update

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog for several months, and I’ve missed you, dear readers. I thought I’d reconnect by filling you in on what’s been going on with me lately.

Writing Projects

Though I haven’t written much here, I have been busy writing in other spots. I have several devotions published in LifeWay’s Journey Devotional Magazine in both the January and February 2018 editions.

I’ll soon be working on about 10 short devotions for LifeWay’s Open Windows Devotional Magazine, which is really special to me because I grew up seeing this magazine around my house, and my grandmother especially carried it with her and read it faithfully.

But what’s really been keeping me busy is my actual job. Pinelake Church, where we attend and where Brent serves as Adult Groups Pastor, contracted me last August to write content for them. They were gracious to let me work from home and work only about 20 hours a week. So, I still get to do all of the mom things that I value, but also grow and cultivate some of my own skills. I work with the Communications Team and have loved getting to know them and being pushed toward excellence because of their hard work ethic. I’m so thankful!

Motherhood News

This year has looked quite different than the last. I’m no longer homeschooling, which has been a welcome relief. Even though I absolutely loved the university model school we were a part of, the actual homeschooling aspect was not very life-giving to me. Both Jude and I love that he’s attending 1st grade for 5 days a week with teachers other than me!

Our other big news is that we’ll be adding another little one to our family very soon. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant, this time with a little GIRL! I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome pink ruffly skirts and headbands to this household. Even the kids are excited about Baby Sister, as we’ve been calling her. If you think of me, I’d appreciate prayers for a smooth birth and transition as we bring her home in a month. Thanks so much!

Let’s Connect 

I’d love to hear from you, as well. Follow me on social media and give me a shout out some time, or you can always email me at courtneylmoore.com@gmail.com.

Blessings to you, dear readers!

Photo Cred: Emma C. and Livia Cristina

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6 thoughts on “A Personal Update

  1. Thrilled about your little one who will be swaddled all in pink, please! So pleased for your family, your parents and just everyone who loves you and has followed your journey.
    Blessed beyond measure…..Prayers for the days ahead!

    1. Janice, your comments here and on my mom’s Facebook posts always make me smile. I love your joy and your sincerity that oozes from even little comments like this! Thanks for loving my family & for sharing in our happiness. Much love to you!!

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