4 Ways God’s Been Sweet to Me Lately

Ps145.16 APromiseToFuelYourFaith courtneylmoore.com
Do you ever dwell on the sweetness of God?

I know that sweet isn’t typically an attribute of God that people ascribe to Him, but when I read Psalm 145, my heart fills up to overflowing with wanting to tell Him that He is that very thing. Google defines sweet as “pleasing in general; delightful.”  I like that.  He is pleasing to my soul and the truest delight my heart knows.

If there is any verse in Scripture that shows the kindness and sweetness of God, it has be verse 16 in the image above.  You open Your hand.  You satisfy the desire of every living thing.

We all have desires in our hearts, things we long for, pray for, hope for.  And God, in His kindness, hears our cry to Him for these things and graciously decides to open His hand. Like He’s giving us a gift.  “Here it is, child, take it.  I’m pleased to give it to you.”

He knows our desires and like no one else is capable of, He satisfies those desires.  He fulfills those longings at such a deep heart level, there’s no mistaking it’s from Him.  And our hearts rejoice because we know He doesn’t have to give it.  He could choose to withhold (and sometimes He does), but the all-encompassing quality of His is generosity. God is a giver.  So I say, “What a sweet, kind, gracious God you are!”

4 Ways God’s Been Sweet to Me Lately

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably know that my family has recently moved to a brand new state and a brand new church where Brent serves as a small groups pastor. When this opportunity came about we put our hope in the Lord, had a big yard sale and looked to Him to provide everything we needed.  And He has come through, of course.

It’s only been 2.5 months since we left Tennessee, but already God has been amazingly sweet. Here are 4 ways He’s opening His hand to me lately.

  1. Awesome preschools for my children.
    If you’re a mama, you know your kids are your #1 priority.  And you know how important it is to have your babies under the influence of godly teachers.  God has opened His hand to us by placing Mrs. Michelle, Miss Mary and Mrs. Sarah in our sons’ lives.  These women truly love my boys and exude such a spirit of authenticity.  I am amazed.  My kids LOVE going to school.  Jude even asks on Saturdays if it’s a school day.  I thank God for His kindness to us in this way.
  2. Being able to sit under consistent life-giving preaching.
    This is huge.  I can not understate the impact that my pastor’s preaching is having on my soul.As a seminary student, I had the privilege of sitting under some of the best theological teaching around… very academic, but amazingly life-giving.  By God’s grace, our new pastor has been given the unique gift of being able to teach profound biblical truths in the most down-to-earth way.  I have been blown away at how spirit-filled and truth-filled these sermons are.

    It’s like I am sitting under a fountain with my mouth wide open trying to catch every last drop.  Not a Sunday goes by, where God isn’t speaking from His Word directly TO ME. His gracious hand, open, satisfying my heart’s desires.  By the way, you can listen here if you’d like a sip.

  3. The sweet fellowship of women in Bible study group.
    Sometimes if you’re new to a place, you might hesitate to jump right into a group of women who already know each other well.  But I’ve gotta tell ya, don’t wait.  Just trust the Lord, smile a lot & be friendly, and God will be faithful to come through for you.That’s what I’ve done, and He’s allowed me to connect with some women I’ve met at my Tuesday morning group.  Even though I don’t know all their history or the details of their lives, we still have a sisterhood in common.  We know the Father.  And when we discuss His Word and agree in our spirits about the truth of who He is, somehow it feels like I’ve known them a while.  And I thank Him for times like that.  It’s a true gift from a kind God.
  4. Our new house.
    If you saw my Facebook post yesterday, you noticed the chaos which is my living room and kitchen.  But it is the sweetest chaos I’ve known.   After living in an apartment for the last 10 weeks, I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for a real house.Our apartment was fine, just what we needed, but having room to spread out has been amazing, even with all the boxes.  And letting my kids stomp all they want because they can’t disturb neighbors below us has been such a sweet relief.  And a yard, y’all.  And it’s not even a big yard, but just our own yard to run in has been a sweet gift from the Lord.

My heart is full.  I look to the Lord and say, Thank you, Father, for being gracious to open your good hand to me, for satisfying the desires of my heart.   YOU ARE A GOOD ABBA-FATHER!!

Ps145.16 APromiseToFuelYourFaith courtneylmoore.com
How has He been kind to you lately?  What’s He up to in your life?  Leave a comment and we’ll join in on the praise!  

By the way, here is Shane & Shane singing Psalm 145.  I love it!

Photo by Phil Roeder, Adaptations made by me.


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6 thoughts on “4 Ways God’s Been Sweet to Me Lately

  1. I look forward to reading ALL you posts! God’s faithfulness and provision for our families are never ending causes for PRAISE ! HE is wonderful ! Keep the blogs coming.

    1. Ashley, I loved hearing your story this morning, and I’m so glad we get to be buds! Thankful for all God has done in your life and how’s He’s leading you in motherhood.

  2. Beautiful and encouraging as always. So glad you’re getting settled and God is continuing to bless. Keep sharing you have such a way of reaching out to encourage others.

    1. Mrs. Gloria, I just want to hug you! You are always so encouraging and affirming of me, and I appreciate it so much. I pray you will be blessed above and beyond for your graciousness toward me.

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