Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I’d love to take a second to tell you a little bit about my blog.

I began this a couple of years ago to become a place where you can take a little rest from your to-do list and find some fresh faith.   I hope you’ll be encouraged, inspired, loved on, reassured, challenged, and motivated to be a more courageous woman, wife or mom when you come here.  And when you go, I hope you leave energized to use your very unique talents and ambitions right where you are to be some good that this worlds needs.  And this world does need what only you can offer.

That’s kind-of how God gave me the courage to start this blog… with the desire to be all He made me to be.  I believe He gifts us each uniquely, and why not use those gifts to the max for Him?  We’ve only got this one life to make it count and I don’t want to waste what He’s entrusted to me, especially in this generation that at times seems pretty hopeless.

In Psalm 4:6 David recognized that people were looking around their culture wondering where in the world they could find some good.  He noticed: Many are saying, “Who will show us any good?”  Then he immediately turns his heart to the Lord in prayer and finds the answer: Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us, O Lord!  As if to say,

God, if you give us the favor of Your presence, we will be the good!
With Your countenance upon us, we can be the good this world longs to see! 

So here I am as a 30-something year old woman, a pastor’s wife and a mother, echoing that same prayer.  And as I sit in His presence, my faith grows bigger and I actually start believing that some of the dreams He’s given me might just be a possibility.  Maybe you need to believe this too?  Let’s journey together to know Him more and even shine some fresh light in this world, right where we are, with the personalities and giftings that God has given us each uniquely.

Wanna join me in this adventure of faith?  I hope you will!  Scroll down to subscribe so you won’t miss a single post and as a thank you, you’ll receive 8 beautiful watercolor desktop images, each with a lovely verse to cheer up your day.  Or head on over to the blog.  One last option: check out my About Me page to get to know me a little better.

Thanks for being here.  It really does mean so much to me.

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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Courtney, this site is beautiful–just like you! Thank you for continuing to notify me when you have posted a blog, as I love reading them and seeing your heart for God. Love you!

    1. Aunt Jeanie, your kind words mean so much to me! Thank you for wanting to read them and thank for loving me!! =)

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful blessings that you sent my way today; I continue to need your blessings day by day.
    May God Continue to Bless and Keep You and Your Beautiful Family.
    In God’s Love,

    1. Jean, I am so thankful I get be a part of your encouragement. Would love to see you soon & give you some love in person. Blessing and God’s peace & strength to you as well.

  3. Courtney, this is absolutely beautiful! I love your heart for sharing the gifts God has given you, and Psalm 4:6 is one of my favorites. I look forward to looking over more of your blog. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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